Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection: A Closer Look


If you do not know yet, supermarkets are fully armed with security cameras. Every step you make will be recorded, so be careful when you step into the Chanel supermarket boutique with empty pockets, because its just a matter of time that you will fall in love with a-can’t-resist handbag.

But anyways, for those that want to secure a Chanel bag for the upcoming season, you might want to look at close-up images of its back, front and sides. I mean, all details are welcome right?

The highlight for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, the Chanel Boy Quilted flap Bag and the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet, their colors are shining like rainbow in the sky and that’s exactly what you need for the winter.

Next, have you ever spotted a classic flap bag with black hardware? No? Then take a bite on these seasonal pieces

The Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bags are also moving outside its comfort zone, now available in beautiful shades like yellow, red and blue. Carry them in glossy patent.

And it doesn’t stop here; the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC’s are also available in velvet colors. I am just curious what the prices are? Will they also be cheaper than in real leather, and how much cheaper? More information will be shared later on.

Perhaps what really took my heart away is the wallet sitting on the top of the WOC’s. It’s the Chanel Boy Quilted Wallet in black, and oh my gosh, what a beautiful thing, it should be forbidden.












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Find More In Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Bag Collection


Some of you might be confused about the latest Chanel releases, like the most recent Cruise 2015 Collection – ‘Should you buy now or wait a couple months later, until the next Collection rolls out?’.

If you do not see what you like, then our solid advice is; ‘Skip the cards’, because there will always be another opportunity, there will always be another Chanel bag waiting for you, as long as your wallet remains fat and loaded.

And because we are still in the middle of the summer and the SS2014 Collection is still available in your favorite Chanel store, we want to show you of a few beautiful pieces that we are certain you will love.

First is the much-adored Chanel Perfect Edge Flap Bag, first released in the Fall 2014 Collection, this bag is still one of the most coveted accessories today. With strong and masculine chain as decoration, do not be deceived, the chain is purposely made ‘light’, to make sure it doesn’t hurt your shoulders. The style is kind-of the combination of the Boy Bag mixed with the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, absolutely pretty and to-die-for, don’t you think?

Read more about the Chanel Perfect Edge Bags.



Then of course, the Chanel Boy Brick Bag, a small boyish accessory and it looks on you from day to night. We have seen this bag in a lot of colors, the blue one just pop out whenever you wear black and it’s the perfect color to match the summer. Turn it into a clutch anytime you want.

And there you go, which Chanel bag will you be hunting next? Let us know.








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Celine Cabas Bags Spring 2014

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The CELINE Cabas has always been a precious addition to their entire classic line, if you are a regular Celine shopper, you will know that this style (almost always) returns in every seasonal collection.

The Cabas is an extraordinary shopping tote you will ever meet. First it rocks in the fashion industry, Celebrities are spotted everywhere with their own Cabas. Not only is it made from the finest material, but the design itself is extravagant. It has the typical Celine charisma; simple, minimal and yet powerful.

The soft but durable leather makes it a bit flexible (not floppy) and less stiff, it’s extremely comfortable to sling on your shoulder or hold it by hand. Load it with all your daily necessities, throw two books inside or you know what? Put a MAC book there, it’s all possible.

The classic Cabas bag is single or bi-colored, it’s put together with two zippers on both edges. The functionality is to make it more roomy in case of you need it. The Bi-Cabas don’t have the zippers option. In fact, it’s less sophisticated.

For the Spring 2014 Collection, Celine has released various options including the Cabas in Calfskin and Goatskin. Bi-Cabas are less thick, softer and they are crafted from lambskin. Which one do you like most?

The top image is the Celine Cabas Gusset handbag in Linen and Calfskin, it’s priced at €950 EUR.


Celine Cabas Gusset handbag in Goatskin Praline


Celine Bi-Cabas handbag in Lambskin Lavender


Celine Bi-Cabas handbag in Lambskin Pistachio

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CHANEL Paris Dallas Metiers d'Art 2014 Bags


CHANEL opens up the opportunity where Paris and Dallas can meet in fashion. An invitation was sketched by Karl Lagerfeld that reads: ‘Coco Chanel back in Dallas’, the fashion show took place on 10th December at Dallas Fair Park.

This event is to celebrate the strong connection between French designer and the United States, as Gabrielle Chanel once stated: ‘I admire and love America, it’s where I made my Fortune’. And now 56 years later, Karl Lagerfeld retrace the steps of Coco by introducing the Paris-Dallas Métiers d’ art 2013 collection, inspired by the traditional cowboy culture.


Traditional cars were included in the drive-in, where the movie ‘The Returned’ was also premiered. The runway was tuned into a cowboy stadium and flags of America and France were hanging on the roof, creating a spectacular sphere.

Classic bags stitched with fringes and Chanel canned clutches in brown-rust and blue paint are just a few bags that you will find the collection. Minaudiere clutches are glued with used and vintage coins, taking you back to the Dallas-Cowboy era. As final, a large duffle bag is going to be released, enriched on the front with a petite clutch bag.

And don’t forget to like our Facebook page to get informed about the latest Chanel bag releases.

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Celine Spring 2014 Bag Collection

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Happy because Celine has released new luggage bags, disappointed because I would love to see more ‘brighter’ colors and variations. And where did the phantom luggage hide? ‘Hello, playing hide and seek?’ No, it’s been replaced by the Tie bag, temporary I hope. The tie bag was also seen in the fall and winter season, clearly it’s a clone or the little sister of the Phantom tote bag as they are ‘very’ similar. The tie bag got its name thanks to the tie knot on every edge of the handle. But I’d like the new mandarin color, fits perfectly to our summer wardrobe collection.

New trapeze in sophisticated tri-colors are going to be released, the Celine blade bags are never so-effortless; in all season color baby cream and grey. And finally the Celine box in sky blue that we’ve all been waiting for. Have you spotted anything yet that makes you jump?

Celine Tie Bag




Celine Luggage Tote




Celine Blade



Celine Box Bag




Celine Cabas Phantom




Celine Edge Handbag




Celine Hobo Bag



Celine Trapeze Bags




Celine Cabas





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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 Bag Collection

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On Thursday 13th June, the nature stood at Louis Vuitton’s side, as the sun delivered warm and bright sunshine to the Zeiglerhouse in the morning. It was the missing ingredient, that even Marc Jacobs didn’t had control, to make the event of Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 collection perfect. Image how beautiful it was; extravagant rooms, villa inspired by the ancient Roman times and beautifully decorated marble mantels made in Italy. The new collection features the ‘neverfull’ tote in bright shade like red and blue, the sofia coppola bag in effortless summer blue that can resonates with any woman and the new fold-up tote bag that can be carried either by hand. The launch of the neverfull in epi leather showed how Marc Jacobs can creatively transform a traditional bag into a modern essential and the option to choose from different layers of colors just take our breath away, it’s timeless. However, I am suprised not to see bags in sophisticated or extremely large LV logo embellished, something that Louis Vuitton usually do in the past, but instead a series of shades has been introduced, with simple patterns or in single colors, which makes it very easy for us to pick.







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