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Hello beautiful Chanel Bag, what’s your name?

Cuddle with the Chanel Transparent Beauty Lock Bag, it’s a new baby from the Cruise 2017 Collection. And we think you will love it, so here are the details:

The first Chanel Beauty Lock Bag was a quilted handbag and released in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection this year. This bag came in different colors including pink, white and burgundy, but the stunning part was the ‘Beauty Lock’, which was the gorgeous lock on the front flap.

The Beauty Lock was made in different colors to match the bag, so if the bag was painted in pink, the Beauty Lock would also be colored in pink.

But the main color was black and this shade matches to the ‘Transparent’ design of these new handbags.

While we do not know the style code, sizes and prices yet, these images already say a lot. They’re partly made from leather and come with a woven chain strap.

So what do you think?


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Dior unveils Capture Total, the new multi-perfection cream, the most beautiful victory of Dior Science.

Dior Capture Totale Campaign Video - Beauty Confession by Eva Herzigova


Time no longer seems to have control over the face’s beauty. With the new Multi-Perfection Creme, women have found a skincare product that reflects them and is capable of maintaining their seduction at its peak and give them instant pleasure.


An ideal complement to the Multi-Perfection Creme, Dreamskin is the first global age-defying perfect skin creator for exquisitely beautiful skin, even without makeup. Upon application, a combination of optical agents refines the skin’s texture, tightens pores, erases dark spots and redness, and reveals shine-free radiance. Day after day, the skin is enhanced by the age-defying and skin-perfecting powers of stem cells. It is firmer, smoother and lastingly unified. For a more sophisticated result and a more intense radiance, discover also the makeup line.

Total youthful beauty skincare. Thanks to its stem cells expertise, Dior Science has created a skincare range that corrects all visible signs of aging to reveal a radiant youthful beauty.

Capture Totale video ad campaign, Dior's new beauty collection starring Eva Herzigova


On the short film the beautiful Czech model and actress Eva Herzigová talks about her beauty confession: “If I could turn back time I wouldn’t change anything then you Capture Totale, the new multi-perfection cream, the most beautiful victory of Dior Science. Anti-gravity technology for instance and deep controlling the skin, ideally smooth, toned and unified the face lights up”.

Your age ? The most beautiful age. The new capture to tell multi-perfection cream by Dior.

Triple Correcting Foundations Wrinkles Dark Spots Radiance

A prodigious serum foundation texture that delivers triple action correction instantly and over time.

Dream Skin - Global Age-defying Perfection Skincare

Dreamskin is exceptional skincare that pushes the limits of traditional cosmetics. For the 1st time, a skincare treatment is capable of acting simultaneously on the quality, evenness and youthful beauty of skin. Its unique universal formula is a true breakthrough – it is both a global age-defying treatment and a perfect skin creator.


Dior reinvents its iconic creme to unveil a more authentic finish, a more delightful pink colour, an even more emblematic fragrance and a next-generation fusion texture. It now comes in three textures, including a new lightweight fresh creme gel. A unique sensory experience, suitable for all women, whatever the climate, season or their desire.

Texture Légère, Texture Universelle, Texture Riche Creme Gel, 1 Signature, 3 Interpretations

The Multi-Perfection Creme circumvents the laws of time and, for the 1st time*, those of gravity. This creme encourages the revitalization of the skin’s precious “springs”: the mother cells at the origin of the deep contouring of the skin. Superbly smoothing, re-sculpting and unifying, it tones the skin from its deepest layers to its surface. The face is perfectly tautened and toned while all visible signs of aging – wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance, and uneven skin tone – are corrected instantly and with every application. Youthful beauty is brought to its pinnacle. Today and tomorrow.

  • TEXTURE LÉGÈRE (Light Texture): a transparent crème-gel that is fresh and air-whipped for perfect comfort.
  • TEXTURE UNIVERSELLE (Universal Texture): a fine, soft melt-in crème for unrivaled smoothness.
  • TEXTURE RICHE (Rich Texture): a lusciously fine and nourishing crème that is a true cocoon for the skin.

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Pops of color and girly designs dominate the Chanel Cruise 2016 collection, and the Beauty Flower Flap Bag is a wonder on its own. Not much is disclosed about this forerunner in the collection, even with the materials used and the price tag in question (hmmm…), which is really testing our patience. As of now, we have been provided with images of the bag, and with that in mind, we could say that Lagerfeld is again on to something. Props for Chanel and their eye for great inspiration.

Quilted and chained to perfection, these brightly colored babies are highly reminiscent of the wallet-on-chain, and maybe in terms of size (we’re guessing). It is even enamored with what appears to be an encrusted flower ornament, which makes the whole thing ultra-feminine.

These quaint pieces of neat design elements make us swoon for Chanel and their products even more. What do you think about their upcoming design? Catch this handbag and other fresh ideas in their new collection, coming up soon. Just stay tuned for more details.

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Chanel Beauty CC Clutch Bag


It’s mixed between the Chanel Wallet and Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag. It has no chains or whatsoever to carry on your shoulder. And it has no handles; it’s the new Chanel Beauty CC Clutch Bag from the Cruise 2015 Collection.

Quilted from the front to the back, crafted what appears to be a front flap, but its actually a foldable pouch.

It’s an evening accessory to company your little black dress. Special nights demand chic and practical clutches, the Chanel Beauty CC Clutch Bag is embellished with a little CC on the front, turning your world into everything-elegant yet humble.

Because of its small size, it can carry only your most important essentials, but how much do you actually need when you’re out and about? The Beauty CC Clutch comes in two style; both are made with soft lambskin, one is black and the other is patent blue. Measuring 6.3 x 10.4 x 1.8 inches, style code: A69391, priced at $1500 USD at Chanel boutique.



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Chanel Holiday Beauty Collection


When the sky has no limit, our creativity will have no boundaries. The new Chanel Holiday Beauty Collection has everything you need to fulfill your deepest fantasy. Named Nuit infinite, meaning in French ‘endless night’, it’s packed with magic and unlimited possibilities for your eyes, lips and nails. Fine-tune your eyes by a sweep of bronze, take the deep ruby red for the most seductive lips of the season, play with the intense color to create a glamorous look for tonight. The collection comes in several beauty products, the must haves are the Ombres Matelassees/Eye shadow Palette ($80 USD) and the Mascara Gel Irise/Sparkling Mascara top coat ($30 USD). The limited edition eye shadow for the custom blending is available in colors from soft beige to matte and rich purple, made to create sensational effects with unlimited possibilities. Check out more at Chanel. Welcome from jackets shop to purchase.

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