Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas M Bag

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The Balenciaga Le Dix Bags still have a long way to go, but one thing I am certain; they’re getting better and better.

The Le Dix’s are femininely stylish and so-much prettier than the usual bag, but it’s still unmatched to motorcycle bags that we so much adore. But overall, I can still bet my money on the new Le Dix Cabas M Bag because it’s practical to use in everyday life, and it can reach far more places than the Classic City Bag, like in formal events, when suits and ties are invited.

Let’s start from the beginning…

The name of the line, referring to Le Dix, is inspired by the 10 Avenue George V flagship boutiques. This new Le Dix Cabas M Bag is streamlined, simple and yet a powerful statement maker. Crafted from Elk skin printed calfskin leather and it comes with a removable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your own comfort level.

Enriched with palladium and brushed gold with the mirror and closing snap embossed with ‘Balenciaga ’ logo, measuring 34 x 43 x 13 cm, currently only in Black Nappa Lining. At Balenciaga e-store for $1.995 USD and 1445 euro’s.

If you could choose between Balenciaga Classic City bag or the Le Dix, which one will you pick?


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Celine Cabas Bags Spring 2014

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The CELINE Cabas has always been a precious addition to their entire classic line, if you are a regular Celine shopper, you will know that this style (almost always) returns in every seasonal collection.

The Cabas is an extraordinary shopping tote you will ever meet. First it rocks in the fashion industry, Celebrities are spotted everywhere with their own Cabas. Not only is it made from the finest material, but the design itself is extravagant. It has the typical Celine charisma; simple, minimal and yet powerful.

The soft but durable leather makes it a bit flexible (not floppy) and less stiff, it’s extremely comfortable to sling on your shoulder or hold it by hand. Load it with all your daily necessities, throw two books inside or you know what? Put a MAC book there, it’s all possible.

The classic Cabas bag is single or bi-colored, it’s put together with two zippers on both edges. The functionality is to make it more roomy in case of you need it. The Bi-Cabas don’t have the zippers option. In fact, it’s less sophisticated.

For the Spring 2014 Collection, Celine has released various options including the Cabas in Calfskin and Goatskin. Bi-Cabas are less thick, softer and they are crafted from lambskin. Which one do you like most?

The top image is the Celine Cabas Gusset handbag in Linen and Calfskin, it’s priced at €950 EUR.


Celine Cabas Gusset handbag in Goatskin Praline


Celine Bi-Cabas handbag in Lambskin Lavender


Celine Bi-Cabas handbag in Lambskin Pistachio

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2014 Louis Vuitton Cabas Rio De Janeiro Tote Sale, World Cup LV Cabas Rio Bags Sale

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It is just two days, the World Cup will be over, and the limited edition Louis Vuitton Cabas Rio Bag also available on sale online. Since they were launched in summer season, those great new LV Cabas Rio bags also great as a beach bag when you have a travel in the summer holiday.

Early at the beginning of the year, the Articles de Voyage Paris, Louis Vuitton Malletier 101, Champs-Elysees was marked on the newest Louis Vuitton Canvas bag from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Those New LV Cabas Rio Bags design inspired by Rio De Janeiro, a famous city in Brazil which special launch for the Brazil World Cup. With the classic canvas materials which finished with palladium metallic pieces. The shape can be altered to your need and comfort, just by pressing on the two buttons on each side.

New Cabas Rio LV bags size measured 56 x 32 x 20 cm, priced at R$5.850. If you want to shop more new lv bags 2014, visit our site!

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