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The Diorama has been reinvented again and they’re looking better and better. This version is so good that we do not know whether anyone can resist the temptation.

Meet boyish bag of Dior and here’s what you need to know…

The print is brand-new, but does it remind you of something?


Yes, it’s look similar to the Cannage Topstitching of the latest UltraDior Bag.

So what’s the deal? The Cannage Topstitching looks different than the Cannage Stitching of the Lady Dior. You see, the pattern is flat and smooth.

The leather is strong and durable and just like any Diorama Bag, the design is quite sophisticated. There is a lot going on. The Cannage Topstitching is only decorated on one part.

The chains are large, strong and beautiful. The shiny hardware is quite impressive. But the bag is not complete without the crest-shape closure in the center.

Now, we do not have the prices yet or the style code. This is the medium size, measuring 25 x 1.5 x 8 cm.

What do you think?

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Dior Medium Lady Cannage Bag White

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Dior Lady Cannage Replica Front

Dior Medium Lady Cannage Bag White

Lady Dior Cannage is a bag with a rich history. Its beginnings are connected to one of the most modern and loved princesses: Lady Diana. In 1995, Lady D received as gift one of the latest Cannage bags. At that time, the purse was unreleased and the publicity it received thanks to Princess Diana determined Christian Dior to name it “Lady Dior”. This changed everything. It soon became a symbol of royalty and grace. Every woman on earth wanted to own one and even now, after decades, this beautiful model is loved and desired by millions of fashionistas.

Authentic Handbag

Authentic Handbag

The Cristian Dior Lady Cannage Bag is an elegant tote bag made from smooth lambskin leather and its surface is adorned with geometric quilted motifs. It is one of my favorite bags of all time and even though it comes in various sizes, like mini, medium, large and Xlarge, the one I prefer most is the medium size version. For me, the medium size Lady Dior in white is the most practical and functional one. It is the perfect purse for business, shopping, special events or casual meetings.

Fake Dior Lady Cannage

Dior Lady Cannage Purse Close Up

The most important characteristic of the Lady Dior Cannage bag is the smoothness of the leather. The outside of the bag is made from the most delicate lambskin leather with a resolutely refined glow, featuring the iconic cannage pattern. For those who are not familiar with cannage fabrics, let me explain: this is a special type of flat quilting. It is very preferred by luxury purse brands as it gives an extra touch of originality and elegance to the overall look of the bags. This beautiful cannage geometrical motif can be found on all sorts of colored bags made from numerous different materials such as denim, suede, patent leather, satin, lamb skin, ostrich, calfskin and crocodile.

Dior Lady Cannage Bag Copy

For me, out of the many quilted bags made by all luxury designers, the Lady Dior Cannage All White in Medium Size is the best one ever. It has a unique distinction that reminds me of the grace and elegance of Princess D. It is a symbol of perennial style.

Fake Dior Purse

I have recently bought a replica of the Lady Dior Medium White bag and I am going to tell you everything there is to know about this imitation purse. The first thing you need to know about it is that buying a replica can be very tricky. You order something online only based on some beautiful professional photos. Obviously, in those photos all replicas look perfect, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that what you get will be the same.  Sadly, in my case I discovered with great disappointment that my replica had a huge scratch on the top side, where the zipper closes. This wasn’t a minor defect that no one can see or a small flaw that you can hide.  It was an ugly and large grayish scratch on my brand new white Lady Dior bag.

Low Quality Dior Replica

The Lady Dior Cannage replica is made from very soft lambskin leather and is adorned with the famous cannage pattern.    The bag is squared shaped and it can stand tall and firm by its own, thanks to the robustness of the leather used for making it. Just as on the original purse, the double handles are manufactured from rolled leather and stitched on the outer part to define their arched shape. The handles are connected to the bag by two large silver rings. The holes where they go in are reinforced by the same silvery metal stamped with the initials CD.  Another distinctive Christian Dior sign are the 4 letters charm. The charm features the letters “D”, “I”, “O” and “R” made from a sturdy silver metal and attached to one of the handles by another ring. The “O” is the largest and more obvious letter.

Imitation Christian Dior Handbag

Christian Dior Replica Handbag Back

Also, this Christian Dior Lady Cannage replica Bag came with a detachable shoulder strap and it has a silver zip closure, which is available for all medium and large size Lady Dior bags.  Only the small size Lady Dior versions have a top flap closure.

Christian Dior Cannage bags have signature jacquard lining, including the models with the Christian Dior logo pattern and the cannage quilted ones. Furthermore, for all cannage purses the logo is woven into the material. In most cases, the lining is in a color similar to the outside of the Lady Dior bag, but for the classic models the brand uses a beautiful red color lining. This Dior Medium Lady Cannage White replica bag has a red jacquard lining at the inside, that isn’t very shiny or outlined, exactly how a genuine one should look like.

Dior Lady Cannage Red Inside

For the past 9 years, Christian Dior has made all of its Lady Dior Cannage bags with the interior leather tag in the same color and fabric as the outside of the purse. The leather tab must be rectangular and 1 inch wide.  This authenticity mark is placed right under the interior zip pocket and all the outside margins are stitched, but only the top is attached to the lining- allowing you to lift the leather tag and read the code embossed on its back side. Just like on the authentic Lady Dior bag, the tag says “Christian Dior”, “PARIS” and “Boutique” on three rows.

Dior Lady Cannage Inside

All Lady Dior bags have the entire hardware in gold or silver color, except for some limited editions that have the charms made from bamboo, crystal or faux tortoise shell. My Christian Dior replica has high quality silver color hardware, very nicely crafted and every single piece is stamped with the CD logo. To offer and extra robustness to the bag, the wide rectangular base has four metallic feet studs.

Fake Christian Dior Tag

The Christian Dior Lady Cannage is one of the most popular bags in the world and it has been manufactured numerous times in countless versions. Because of the many design variations and special edition models, there are many different color and fabric combinations for it. Still, the replica that I have received looks very authentic and definitely feels genuine, except for the big and very visible scratch next to the top zipper. It could have been a perfect replica if it wasn’t for this very unaesthetic flaw.

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Replica HandBag Review: Christian Dior Lady Dior Cannage

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The story of the Christian Dior Lady Dior Cannage bag is a very beautiful one. It all started in 1995 when the former first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, offered it as a gift to Princess Diana. At that time this amazing model was still unreleased and due to Madame Chirac’s gesture Christian Dior named it „Lady Dior”. This name made this bag even more stylish, elegant, and refined with a fine touch of a royal distinction. It is very obvious that this bag model gained its place in history due to Lady Diana. The Princess was very often seen wearing this spectacular purse to different social events, this proving that she loved it. After lady Diana worn this bag everybody wanted to have one.

Most bags come in three sizes but this one comes in four sizes as: Mini, Medium, Large and Extra Large. This is amazing as we can find it graceful, practical, spacious and versatile. It can be exactly the bag you want it to be. You can wear it to work, to a party or an elegant gala; it is even perfect for shopping.

dior cannage

Lady Dior Cannage is created from very soft and supple leather and it is embellished with the famous cannage pattern. This cannage Christian Dior is using is a flat kind of flat quilting. This unique cannage geometric surface can be found in all types of fabrics and in all the colors you may think of. You can find it in fabrics like: suede, satin, denim, patent leather, lamb skin, calfskin, and ostrich or crocodile leather. You may not know that Dior’s cannage came before Chanel’s quilted pattern even though Chanel is the most important and known producer of quilted style purses.

The shape of the Lady Dior is square and it has double handles that are even made of rolled leather or acrylic. The handles connect to the bag with some oval shaped metal rings which are stamped “CD” on the exterior. The medium and the large sizes have a zipper for the closure while the small size version is available with a top flap system. Dior created a detachable strap for all his bag models. The charms on the Dior bags are usually made of precious metals as gold or silver, the exception is for the evening collections that usually have crystal charms.

Since 2005 the tags of the Dior’s are made from the same leather the bags are made of. The shape of the tag is rectangular wider than taller. The wideness is of about one inch. For the medium and large models we can find the tags under the interior zipper pocket and for the small size models we can find the tags on the side pocket. The Lady Dior tags are stitched all the way around, only the top is attached to the lining of the bag. This way we can lift it and check the authentication code stamped on it. There are letters and numbers in this code. Also the writing is placed on three different rows as: “Christian Dior”, “Paris” and “Made in Italy”.

This Lady Dior bag model is quite easy to replicate as it has been produced in a very large number and during the time it has been changed a lot. There were a lot of variations of this model on the market. This was the most replicated model of the Dior’s bags over the time and it is really hard to differentiate a good replica from the original Lady Dior bag. But if you get for yourself one of the beautiful Lady Dior bags just enjoy it even if it is original or just a good replica.

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