Colorful Louis Vuitton Neverfull In Epi Leather Replica Handbag Review

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Do you love wonderfully colorful and stylish bags? Then you will simply adore this Louis Vuitton Neverfull In Epi Leather. I have recently seen an ad of this LV purse and I can’t get enough of it. You have probably noticed that I have a thing for Louis Vuitton handbags. Well, I can’t deny it. I like so much the way it designs the most surprising purses using very elegant and simple lines, and once in a while it surprises us with bold color accents that revive the whole concept of modern city bags. So no matter what other brands I try, I always come back to my everlasting love- Louis Vuitton.


Now, I’m crazy about the hypnotic Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather collection, but the trouble is that I can’t decide on a color. These gorgeous bags are available in numerous bright colors, colors that have a very fresh and youthful vibe. So, naturally, I can’t decide on what color to choose for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag. Should I get a red one? An orange one, yellow or blue? I just can’t make up my mind.

This is why I am asking for your opinion. What color do you think I should choose?


Until you come up with an answer, let me present this beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag. It is the first leather version of this ever-popular-tote LV model. The Epi Neverfull Leather is available in medium size also known as MM which is the most popular size because it can easily adapt to all needs, outfits and occasions. The purse was launched in 7 different colors, varying from the classic black to the boldest tones of orange and yelow. Also, the interior is made from stunning microsuede.


Of course, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica bag is just the right type of purse for a woman with a very active lifestyle who is always running between her home, the office and social events. She wants to look sophisticated, to be always prepared with her essential stuff which are well hidden inside a stylish bag and to mix and match her purse with her clothing easily. It sounds and looks like the perfect accessory for a modern fashionista, right?

So by now you have a pretty clear picture of what a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather replica baghas to offer to the one who chooses to buy it. It is such a lovely bag and I can’t wait to have it in my collection, but first I want to hear your advice. What do you think? What color should I get?

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Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette Replica

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pochette copy

I recently bought a Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette from an online replica store called On the website the photos showed a beautiful bag with flawless design and craftsmanship, a bag of very good quality. The price was also very convenient so I didn’t take too much time to think about this and I immediately placed an order for it. It just looked too good to be true…and so it was. The product I have received was so much different than the one presented on the webpage.

I am not at my first replica purchase. I have bought many replica bags online and until now I was quite pleased. I am usually very good at recognizing a good merchant when I see one. This very unpleasant purchasing experience was brand new for me.

The bag arrived in less than 7 business days and I had a tracking number for the package. Everything until the delivery went very smooth. Up to this point I was very happy with the services received. The troubles started when I unpacked what was supposed to be a beautiful LV Epi Pochette. In reality, the product was a very low quality replica. I agree that the materials used were indeed quite good and authentic looking, but the craftsmanship and the attention to details was awful.

The first thing I have noticed was a little crease of the leather in the lower part of the bag. That crease was quite visible and highly unaesthetic. You could notice it very easily and it made the bag look used and cheap. Additionally, the gold color was scratched and peeled off on the end part of the zipper. As soon as I saw these defects I felt deceived by the company. I paid for a new replica bag not for a deteriorated inferior quality imitation LV.

My first reaction was to contact the customer service by chat. They responded and I had a conversation with Betty who informed that I have 10 business days to return the item for a refund or exchange and that I must supply them with a tracking number. Also, all the return costs should be paid by me. I was furious to hear that after I have received a deteriorated bag I also had to support all the charges involved with rectified this situation, their mistake that is.  I tried to explain this, but the company did not accept to cover the return fees. In the end, I was forced to pay to ship it back and this implied quite a lot of money because I had to send the package via registered mail. After a month or more after returning the purse I finally got the money refunded back to my account.

So the conclusion here is to buy replica bags online, but to be extremely careful from what company you buy them and to make sure their return policy is acceptable for you. Check all this before you place the order and also search for recommendations and reviews online. Cover all these steps and you will surely not have to go through the hassle and additional expenses I had to went through.

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Louis Vuitton Epi Marly Tote

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Remember when we sat down together and talked about the latest Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag? It sure was one of the most delightful bags we’ve ever seen. Crafted with superb elegant monogram Empreinte leather and it was shining through the roof. The girl who carries it on the street will leave a permanent impact behind.

But the Summer Spring Summer 2014 Collection hasn’t end yet and there are still more surprises to come. (Yeah, Louis Vuitton also knows how to amaze us). Now, just recently, one of the newest tote bag has been released, it’s the Louis Vuitton Epi Marly Tote.

If we are hunting for the seasonal bags, it’s either the Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag or the Louis Vuitton Marly Tote. Or if you can’t control your never-ending bag desire, then get both!


The Mary Tote can be your working bag, for the busy and ambitious woman, or simply an adorable weekend companion to go out with. It’s finished with grained cowhide, melted with famous and iconic Epi leather (for your information, the Epi was introduced in 1985).

This bag is balanced between professional essence and modern elegance. Not only is it sophisticated, but it is also functional – when opened, you will be surprise of the enormous space, load it with all your daily essentials as well as your A4 docs or even a small laptop.

Carry this tote with hand, elbow or even shoulder, it comes with a long shoulder strap. The handles are made from Toron, in case you wonder how to maintain it. It’s finished with palladium brass pieces and like always, Louis Vuitton prepared several colors for you to choose from: Classic Black, Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Red and even Fuchsia.

You can well structure all your essential, the interior is refined with double smartphone pocket, three compartments and a central zipped compartment.

It comes in two sizes: the MM is measured 16.1’ x 14.2’ x 6.7’ and is priced at $2,810 USD or €1850 euro’s. The BB is measured 13.4’ x 10.6’ x 5.1’ and priced at $2,350 USD or €1,550 euro’s. At Louis Vuitton e-store.








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LV Louise Epi Bag Vs Saint Laurent Monogram Tassel Clutch Comparison

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Usually, people like to make a comparison of those designer produce with similar model. And there are the comparison details about the Louis Vuitton Epi Bag Vs Saint Laurent Monogram Tassel Clutch below.

Both edition looks very similar in shape and size, and they are also flaps that can be carried on the shoulder or across the body and also feature that the brand’s logo appearance in the front of the bag in metal hardware. Take a look and you can pic a LV bags at Cheap LV Bags Store for discount price!

Style Comparison

1 Louis-Vuitton-Louise-vs-YSL-Monogramme-Tassel 1

Louis Vuitton Louise Epi PM Bag

1 Louis-Vuitton-Epi-Louise-PM-Bag 2

From the Ads photos, Louis Vuitton Louise Epi PM Bag seems more cut and the Saint Laurent one looks more modern and cool since they comes in darker color. As a new design for Fall 2014, those Louise LV Bags come out in famous Epi leather and features a leather strap.

Take a view of the inner of the Louis Vuitton bag, it has more compartments than the Saint Laurent bag which is made of microfiber and has two credit card slots, one inside zipped pocket and additional inside compartment. More spring bright colorways choose from perfect carry by cute young girls, Size measures at 7.9″ W x 5.5″ H x 1.6″ D with 21″ strap drop, which wider than the Saint Laurent clutch at a $1900.00 USD retail price.

Saint Laurent Embossed Croc Monogram Clutch

1 Saint-Laurent-Monogramme-Tassel-Bag 3

No matter for the shape or color design, the Saint Laurent Embossed Croc Monogram Clutch is a stand out show piece. This line of bags features the YSL logo in the front of the bag which created by Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron who used the name ‘Cassandre’ as his pseudonym. Also in several different way to carry it, it is actually in a litter size than the Louis Vuitton one which measures at 6″ W x 5″ H x 1.5″ D, with 22″ strap drop at retail price set to $1850.00 USD.


The two pair of designer clutch bag onlin a $50 difference on the price, and for the style, author think the Saint Laurent Classic Monogramme Tassel Clutch looks better which has a more stylish and unique design. But Louis Vuitton Louise Bag in timeless color and model design also a good buy for a long run. So what you think about those two model bags? Let’s know in the below comment.

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Black And White Louis Vuitton Sevigne Clutch Bags Cheap Sale Online

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Epi leather always the one of most popular and great materials in Louis Vuitton line, they were used in many of classic and iconic handbags like Speedy, neverfull in epi leather and the Alma bag in epi leather. The epi line was created in 1985, almost 30 years history, the Louis Vuitton Epi leather handbags in its reliable, strong and durable leather been a must-have accessory for travelling or daily life.

And in 2010, Louis Vuitton had launched a new Epi Electric Collection which is a new leather that is not only elegant, but gives an entirely new vibrant and refreshing feel apart from the classic Epi. And the Louis Vuitton Sevigne Clutch bag return in those material which available two colors for sale like Black And Beige. Size is measured 10.63 x 1.97 x 5.12 inches and we offering the special discount price at our site

louis-vuitton-sevigne-clutch-bag black

Louis Vuitton M4055N Sevigne Clutch Black
Material: Epi Leather
Fuction: Clutches And Evening
Model: M4055N
Color: Black
Size: 10.63 x 1.97 x 5.12 inches
Price: $180.99


Louis Vuitton M4052J Sevigne Clutch Beige
Material: Epi Leather
Fuction: Clutches And Evening
Model: M4052J
Color: Beige
Size: 10.63 x 1.97 x 5.12 inches
Price: $180.99

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Louis Vuitton Epi Alma With Celebrity

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Positive values in summer and autumn seasons, went to the global shopping discount hot periods.Whether you are shopping abroad or domestic shopping malls buying, discount shopping season, to be numerous MM favorite things, but you really do value-instead of white to spend it? Facing an array of merchandise, why not first take a look at this quarter the rate of mirror products for the highest star? so that Rob just discovered Trophy after the final cases. What’s out now in our hands? bag, of course. But how do you pick a stylish bag, is a sign of us women out of the street’s most representative, a beautiful bag as well as quality assurance, also have a design on the development, which means that this bag is suitable for your clothes match! Louis Vuitton Epi Alma series is enough to meet all our needs.
Today, the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma series was given the magic of color from changing. Vivid tones of twinkle makes the leather texture more legible, vibrant, makes this immortal classic ornate turn as a fashion symbol.
Launched in spring and summer this year, “Epi Alma” package is not new, is one of grew out of the Louis Vuitton classic, but the difference is replaced by bright colors to packaging, caters to the upsurge in the previous quarter, popularity is naturally of course!
Chamber actress Kirsten Dunst ingenuity of literature and art to select the black to match the black model of the whole body, which is perhaps the footnote to its distinctive personality and fashion attitude, cool you are young. “Sex maniac” is coming, don’t get me wrong, I am referring to LV Epi Alma brought Blake Lively color of magic, one color can make it a green dip so enchanting.
Careful friends may notice that fan bingbing’s going high fashion week fall/winter 2012, multiple times in the street carrying a different candy color handbags, this energetic bags from Louis Vuitton latest “Epi Alma” series! Fan Ye can always give a pleasant surprise appearances, even a “black widows,” there are LV Epi Alma looming and dress with black seconds to kill the audience. Increasingly international big Fan Ye children, what with the treasure, not afraid of Thunder and lightning, see this Orange LV Epi Alma, black trousers in white against the background, easily became the focus.
This Epi leather AlMA handbag, fashion and femininity. You can select multiple colors (Orange, Ruby red color, mint green, bright yellow, fluorescent pink, ivory color, violet color, and so on).Come to buy high qulity replica handbags online for women

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