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We don’t notice, but the Fall is nearby and Chanel will shoot us with their Fall Winter Collection very soon. Maybe the ‘supermarket’ concept didn’t trigger your bag appetite, and maybe the Chanel Lait de Coco Clutch isn’t even on your mind, let alone on your wish list, but you must be prepared, because Chanel has more reserve bullets than you and I think, including new boy bags, flap bags in richer colors.


Take for example this Boy Flap Bag in pink, it’s almost exactly like the Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag, but then – more extreme. You see, the arrows are pointing up and crafted very vividly, which makes it so unique. Oh boy and the strong masculine chain that dominates the spotlight.


A new Chanel Classic Flap Bag style has born, it’s in zebra print for the Fall Winter Collection. Everything else is still the same – the chain links and the iconic CC logo.


If you’ve been following Chanel at our site so far, sequins in Classic Flap Bags have played a major role in the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. It’s going to return in the Fall Winter Collection with a mix of Chanel’s latest graphic creation.




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A Closer Look At Dior Fall Winter 2015 Handbags

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You see, we love designer bags; we love the Be Dior Shoulder Bag. When we spotted this bag over here, in brown and dotted with large chocolate color, we didn’t know what we saw. Perhaps the large size of the Be Dior Shoulder Bag?

Compared the Be Dior Bag, this large size is a bit slouchy. It features a large front flap while the original Be Dior Bag (the one we now) is only half the size. The handles are also somewhat larger and curvier. Yes, we think it’s the Large Be Dior Shoulder Bag.

So what is your opinion?


And as expected the Diorama Flap Bags is reintroduced for the Fall Winter 2015 Collection in new colors and prints. I love the plain white version and it reminds me of the […] (fill in the blank). It comes with silver chain, which makes the bag feel so clean and neat. But do you dare to wear bags that are so-white?

Another Diorama Bag that will be available soon is going to be in shiny green. The most notable is the closure on the front flap, which looks like a badge.




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Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2015 Bag Collection

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There’s one thing you need to learn about Bottega Veneta, so you can appreciate their work. And that is, you need to love intrecciato nappa leather.

This type of leather and work is all over the Fall Winter 2015 runway. Shaped in boxy shoulder bags, oversized duffle bags, boxy envelop clutches with chains or mini shoulder flap bags.

To cope with the next season, and certainly with your winter outfits, the colors are a bit darker.


I am falling for the purple shoulder bag, which will be available in a lot of colors. The front flap is decorated with intrecciato detailing, it features a front flap attached to the leather strap, which is connected to the other end from the bottom.

Designed with a touch of vintage, this shoulder bag comes with long silver chain strap. Best carried with a chic black coat.

Have you spotted something you like?








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Mulberry Fall 2015 Runway Bag Collection Featuring the Mini Jamie Bag

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Introducing the Mulberry Fall 2015 Runway Bag Collection. Mulberry has taken its inspiration from Georgian interiors. The collection features three bags, the newest Mulberry designs which are the Roxette and Jamie Bags were first seen at the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection.

Another bag included this season is Mulberry’s iconic Bayswater Bag in Crocodile material. The Jamie Bag which is Mulberry’s version of a bucket bag, was featured in a mini size this season. The mini version comes in a chunky chain strap and exotic materials such as Ostrich and Crocodile. The Roxette Bag, a satchel bag with double handles and shoulder strap, comes in various materials like Calf Hair, Crocodile, Leather and Shearling. Colors this season includes Black, Oxblood, Oak, Midnight Blue and Pink.

Check out the video above for a closer of this season’s handbags as well as the rest of the collection.


Source: Mulberry

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Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2015 Bag Ad Campaign

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Utilitarian and sophisticated, that’s the message that Alexander Wang wants to send for the Fall Winter 2015 Bag Collection. Take a look at the boxy white bag with long handles; it’s not only feminine, but also ‘cool’. Crafted with a side pocket to store your instant-essentials like keys or wallet.

Alexander Wang Said: ‘We started thinking about what forms the archetypes and architecture of a woman’s wardrobe, and then the idea of individual style, the street style has become where people follow trend, where they see an individual way of mixing things together becomes so documented and so copied’.

He ended with: ‘It’s really about individual style’.


The collection includes a gorgeous backpack; I love the white version, which includes a simple front pocket. Or the hobo to carry around your shoulder in black. So what do you think?









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Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection: A Closer Look


If you do not know yet, supermarkets are fully armed with security cameras. Every step you make will be recorded, so be careful when you step into the Chanel supermarket boutique with empty pockets, because its just a matter of time that you will fall in love with a-can’t-resist handbag.

But anyways, for those that want to secure a Chanel bag for the upcoming season, you might want to look at close-up images of its back, front and sides. I mean, all details are welcome right?

The highlight for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, the Chanel Boy Quilted flap Bag and the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet, their colors are shining like rainbow in the sky and that’s exactly what you need for the winter.

Next, have you ever spotted a classic flap bag with black hardware? No? Then take a bite on these seasonal pieces

The Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bags are also moving outside its comfort zone, now available in beautiful shades like yellow, red and blue. Carry them in glossy patent.

And it doesn’t stop here; the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC’s are also available in velvet colors. I am just curious what the prices are? Will they also be cheaper than in real leather, and how much cheaper? More information will be shared later on.

Perhaps what really took my heart away is the wallet sitting on the top of the WOC’s. It’s the Chanel Boy Quilted Wallet in black, and oh my gosh, what a beautiful thing, it should be forbidden.












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