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They are probably the only type of shoes that were available at elementary school. Even though we are more comfortable with flats and pumps nowadays, we still need them in our life. We wear them whenever we go to the nearest park and jog. They look cool when we pair them with sportswear at the Gym. And they are so-much easier to walk on than your high-heels pumps.

We’ve seen CHANEL’s own edition of sneakers, they do not come often, but we love how they are designed with Camellia flowers, which represents the brand together with pearls.

But recently, something different happened to Dior, their Spring Summer 2014 Collection consist of 5 beautiful models of sneakers. They are on their way of changing the way we wear sneakers by blending street style with elegant.

I know some girls do not like sneakers, but isn’t that the same like backpacks? We changed our mind after the trend of street-chic backpacks started to fire up. Now we see more than ever, fahionista’s on blogs, carrying the Chanel Graffiti backpack like it has always been loved.

The Dior Fusion Sneakers are made with care and plenty of hours have been spent on detailed craftsmanship, starting from the rubber soles to the beautiful embellishment of tiny sequins and flowers. They are gorgeous and feminine, and hey, if you ever need a sneaker, then…

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