Diorissimo Blue Horizon Tote Bag

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We are in the middle of the winter, New year is coming up, maybe we are showing you the new Diorissimo tote a bit too early, but it’s always better to be prepared when you have the option to purchase a new bag.

Imagine this, its summer, you are wearing one of your best outfits and the color is ocean blue. Your glasses are indispensable, you put them on not only because of the sun, but it makes you look cooler. And now what’s missing? The brand-new Diorissimo blue horizon tote bag of course.

With colors so-delight, the baby-blue literally takes your breath away. This shade will be released in the spring summer collection next year, it’s crafted from impeccable bull calf leather, easy-to-baby and perfect for all-season. Let’s take the small size, so you can drag it with just one hand, like the model on the picture.


Again, the color is ideal for the summer and it melts like an ice cube to all of your sunny read-to-wear items. And it’s evenly elegant like all other Dior bags; detailed lining, DIOR charm attached to the handle, super-elegant and ultra perfect.

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