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The Prada Inside Bag is a beautiful play of colors where modern shades have been paired up with classic colors. Both the inside and outside of the purse can be contrasted or matched tone on tone as to reflect the personality and tastes of its owner.

prada inside bag black

This contemporary city bag has been designed by Prada’s skilled artisans and the exterior of the purse is matched with the double color scheme by using an intricate design that creates a magnificent unity between ingenious innovations and the amazing Prada legacy of artful craftsmanship. An exquisite detail of this luxury designer handbag is the way it is joined- by using two folds to the outside, there are no inside frames. Of course, in order to craft such a complex purse the brand’s artisans need many hours, but the result is definitely worth the effort as the product is a very soft and elegant purse that brings joy and refinement to its owner.

The Prada Inside Bag collection is very diversified and large. It includes numerous color and material variations with the clear goal of providing to its fans as much aesthetic versatility as possible. But out of these many color options I prefer the black and light pink version. For me, this represents best the design of a stylish and modern city bag. It looks classical, feminine and elegant.

prada inside bag side

The Prada Inside Bag is manufactured from very soft calf leather that has a very delicate and refined appearance. Replica manufacturers from across the globe have tried to replicate this type of high quality leather or to offer a decent substitute, but none has succeeded in this attempt. The thing is that Prada treats the calf leather with its special chemicals and processes and the result is unique and obviously totally different than everything else available on the market.

It is a real pleasure to carry this bag on your arm and not just because of its beautiful design, but also because it comes with some of the most wonderfully shaped and comfortable double leather handles. Also, the purse has a very functional and useful detachable adjustable leather shoulder strap, ideal for those moments when you need or want to free your hand from the burden of carrying your purse.

The Prada Inside Bag is complemented by gorgeous steel hardware that is nicely stamped with the company’s logo and name. The choice for stainless steel is a very inspired one as silver match stunningly the overall design and color combo of these purses.

On the front part of the bag there is the metal lettering logo. It says with silver stainless steel letters that are individually applied “PRADA” on one row and “MILANO” on the second row. The sides of the bag are embellished with “fake zippers” that close and open to reveal more or less of the central part of the purse which is the actual body of the Prada Inside Bag. This luxury handbag is actually a bag inside another bag, just as the name suggests. The actual bag is in this case the pink part and not the black out one.

prada inside bacg inside

The closing system of the Prada Inside bag is represented by a two way zipper closure that is located on the pink part of the purse. The product also features two inside pockets that are quite spacious and practical and at the inside; this model comes with a Nappa leather lining.

The Prada Inside Bag measures about 11.8 inches in length, 8.2 inches height and 6.8 inches wide. It is considered a medium size purse and judging by its shape, inside compartments and measurements it is the perfect handbag for any fashion aware city woman. Priced at about $3,000 this is not a product that many of us can afford, but when you are determined to get your hands on a bag there are no limits that you can’t overcome. For me, buying a Prada Inside replica bag is the solution that makes perfect sense. With a couple hundred dollars I am at only a click away from having my very own Prada Inside.

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