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Hello beautiful Chanel Bag, what’s your name?

Cuddle with the Chanel Transparent Beauty Lock Bag, it’s a new baby from the Cruise 2017 Collection. And we think you will love it, so here are the details:

The first Chanel Beauty Lock Bag was a quilted handbag and released in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection this year. This bag came in different colors including pink, white and burgundy, but the stunning part was the ‘Beauty Lock’, which was the gorgeous lock on the front flap.

The Beauty Lock was made in different colors to match the bag, so if the bag was painted in pink, the Beauty Lock would also be colored in pink.

But the main color was black and this shade matches to the ‘Transparent’ design of these new handbags.

While we do not know the style code, sizes and prices yet, these images already say a lot. They’re partly made from leather and come with a woven chain strap.

So what do you think?


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