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As Prada is bringing more serious styles out for the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, Miu Miu is keeping it young and energetic. Though the Collection is colored in many darker colors, it’s still blend with exciting colors like red and black, white and red, black and orange, baby blue and black.

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 handbags are innovative, different and never-seen-before, and that mixed with great quality for your investment. It’s the best way to start-off your designer handbag journey (and belief me, it’s not too difficult to get obsessive).


Practical handbags, like the new leather tote with three compartments, in large and small size. Duffle bags for the weekends, Miu Miu got the style you want and love. So what do you think?Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-5Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-6Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-7Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-9Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-11Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-12Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-13Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-14

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Not all that glitters is gold…sometimes, it could be your bag! The wonderful line of Miu Miu Cristal Bags are about to leave you googly-eyed and wanting more. The bags come in different styles to choose from, which is really giving us a hard time (there’s no room for self-control with Miu Miu!). Their great designs come in different colors, from neutral shades of Black and Cameo (Brown), to candy sweet Pink and Light Blue. If you want to stand-out in a crowd and own it, getting yourself a Cristal Bag is the way to go!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the bags come in different styles – shoulder bags, clutches, totes, hobos, the line wants to keeps you covered! These Cristal nappa leather bags are produced using the Cloquet technique, which is composed of 3 materials (elastic fabric, padding and nappa leather). The effect is created by stretching an elastic fabric and bonding it together with the padding and nappa leather, which are stitched all together by an automatic machine. After stitching, the elastic fabric is released to form the Cloquet effect – a beautiful, textured design which is set to raise the bar in bag design.

The bags in the line are set to be priced at €1200 EUR to €1600 EUR, available in different colors and styles to choose from. If you feel like treating yourself to a nice bag, then you can get your own via Miu Miu e-store! It’s time to reward yourself, hun.

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Zoe Kazan Chooses Miu Miu Sneakers for the Red Carpet

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Zoe Kazan Miu Miu Metallic Cap Toe Slip-On Sneakers

Actress Zoe Kazan recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of What If in a pair of Miu Miu Cap-Toe Slip-On Sneakers. Casual slip-ons are an interesting choice for any red carpet, but I think Zoe pulls it off here. Frankly, I find it refreshing to see a little variety during a long summer full of single-soled sandals. You can find Zoe’s exact sneakers.

Zoe very much looks the part of “young, fresh new Hollywood ingenue,” but she’s actually been getting steady work in films since 2007. Her new flick What If is a rom-com (of sorts) that also serves as a send-up to the genre itself. Daniel Radcliffe plays her friend and potential love interest.

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Love it or Leave it: The Heeled Rain Boot by Miu Miu

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Miu Miu Cap Toe Rain Boot

Rain boots are having a bit of a moment. A very strong moment, you could say, but definitely a moment. Unlike seasons ago, rain boots are now a chic, sought-after staple, and fashionable rain boots are certainly in demand. It’s hard to walk down a rainy NYC street without seeing a pair of Hunter boots, or any kind of rubber rain boots. Luxury designers have also jumped on the rain boot bandwagon, and leave to Miu Miu to excite us (or revolt us) with these high heeled rain boots.

The patent-leather-and-rubber design of these Miu Miu rain boots is definitely an interesting one. The drawstring nylon upper, rubber cap toe and patent leather heel give this rain boot a futuristic appeal. I never thought I would like a rain boot like this, but I have to say I’m smitten! The heel isn’t too high to make this an impractical choice in the rainy weather, and the thick rubber sole will keep me grounded, even if I step (or jump) in a puddle or two.

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Miu Miu 2013 summer new colorful bag models

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Colorful summer handbags to popular, it is not easy, but Miu Miu always able to do this. In the new shopping bags with a variety of colors, so that re-interpretation of female beauty, will also be a beautiful summer on its head once again, the material on to a unique style of the new Madras leather handbags imaginative, and then made a special decorative material to highlight the durability of materials and yet very soft texture, the color, such as the use of more kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic, for any mix of clothing it is always easy to grasp.

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Miu Miu normally knows how to hit me wherever it hurts

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Right within the wallet.For some reason, Miu Miu’s bags usually don’t tempt me really as a lot as every thing (and I do imply everything) else that the manufacturer makes, especially its shoes. Still, if Miuccia have been to personally deduct income from my traditional bank account each month and deliver me a arbitrary Miu Miu item of her choosing, I wager I’d be thrilled a minimal of 11 weeks out with the year.If it have been the Miu Miu Pushlock Lady tote that showed up on my doorstep, it seems I would be. like a satchel or a shoulder tote (maybe even a crossbody – Bergdorfs doesn’t checklist the strap drop), this just-big-enough retro throwback is every thing I want in the fall handbag.This straight-laced, structured appear has been in favor since Celine created us all dizzy with the Classic Box several seasons ago, and perhaps considering of its grown-up, retro-modern appeal, the trend doesn’t apear to be waning at any time soon. At $1350, not only is this tote somewhat much less pricey than most comparable designs from comparable brands, nonetheless it also appears just like a offer relative to Miu Miu’s increasing prices. Does anybody still remember when Miu Miu must have been a Prada diffusion brand? Aren’t diffusion brands typically…less? And really, that’s the only real complaint that I have.

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