Goyard Launches New Bannière Personalization Style

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For many Goyard shoppers, the bags themselves are only part of the brand’s tremendous draw—they’re a canvas to create something unique. Because Goyard offers such detailed and wide-ranging personalization services, clients can have almost anything hand-painted onto their new bag or trunk that they can imagine. The brand offers a starting point with a few standard monogram styles, and now it’s adding a new one to the lineup: Goyard Bannière Millesime Marquage.

“Bannière” literally means “banner” in French, and as you can see, that refers a a three-stripe ribbon that can now unfurl down the front of your Goyard St. Louis Tote, among others—it’s available on trunks and small leather goods, in addition to handbags, and comes in broad color choices.

We don’t have specific pricing for this new personalization style, but based on comments from our PurseForum, it’s more expensive than the existing standard stripes and letters. And that makes sense—creating the sense of movement that Bannière has is more difficult and labor-intensive than creating straight lines, and the overall design is also quite large.

Goyard has launched this design with the Bannière Marquage US Tour, which might be coming to a boutique or department store near you and allows shoppers to meet the artisans. If the tour has already been to your city or you’re outside the US, you can still request Bannière personalization through your boutique.

Personally, I love the playful, lighthearted feel of the waving ribbon pattern. Let us know how you feel about it in the comments!

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Put It On Ice: New Year, New Bags!

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New Year, New Bags

Who’s excited for a new year of fabulous bags? For this special post, we went to a winter ice wonderland. The magic of ice is as fleeting as life itself, as its beauty lasts only as long as it remains freezing cold outside. The healing powers of ice have long been sought after by mankind, most recently for their ability to preserve youth (cryo spas are the rage right now, as standing in extreme-cold conditions for a certain amount of time is said to stimulate circulation and promote healthy skin cells).

Speaking of ice, by the way, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO COLD IN MY LIFE! Posing for photos in minus 10° F/23.33° C in a thin but very pretty Spring 2016 coat and tulle skirt by LA Boutique probably made for the most extreme situation I have ever committed to for a photo shoot. But it was well worth the photos we’re sharing with you!

What makes the ICE! Exhibit at Gaylord in Grapevine, Texas, so special is not merely the two million pounds of ice used to create it, but the fact that the 40 ice artisan craftsmen who create it are from Harbin, China. This band of master carvers fly to the U.S. from China and spend nearly a month every year, taking shifts inside a 9° freezer to transform two million pounds of ice into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Sound extreme? It is. But to them, it feels much like home!

Don’t forget to download Vogue Mini in the app store to get the full story and keep up with my weekly column, Bag Chat with Tina!

New Year, New Bags

1. Prada Python Eyes Inside Bag: How cute is this elf on a shelf clutching Prada’s eye-catching Inside bag, inspired by the Spring ’16 men’s runway show? At Neiman Marcus for $5,850.

New Year, New Bags

2. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Mini Prairie Tote Bag: Topped with bright mini floral bouquets, Saint Laurent’s teeny Sac De Jour will heat up any outfit. At Neiman Marcus for $2,250.

New Year, New Bags

3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Small Drawstring Bucket Bag: Just as cool as ice, this graphic black and white tote from Phillip Lim is a perfect neutral. At Neiman Marcus for $925.

New Year, New Bags

4. Tory Burch Robinson Fret-Patchwork Tote Bag: I love the bold, graphic patchwork on this perfect daily tote, which will look equally good in the summer heat as it does in the winter snow. At Neiman Marcus for $695.

New Year, New Bags

5. Fendi DotCom Blue Leather Handbag: What’s cooler than Fendi? The Dotcom bag is what you look for in your everyday bag. Actually, it might very well be the most pragmatic of all the Fendi pieces – which isn’t a bad thing. This is understated luxury you never tire of seeing. It’s also a piece you’ll pull out year after year, never questioning your sanity (or lack thereof) for making such a purchase. I love this shade of cool, serene blue, another Pantone color of 2016. At Fendi for $2,400.

New Year, New Bags

6. Judith Leiber Couture Peppermint Candy Crystal Clutch Bag: My mouth waters when I look at Judith Leiber’s Peppermint Candy bag! It brings literal meaning to the term arm candy. At Neiman Marcus for $4,995.

New Year, New Bags

7. Valentino Multicolor Native Couture 1975 Small Clutch: This is the perfect pastel rainbow from Valentino, in the hottest shades of the season! On lyst for $1,895.

New Year, New Bags

All Bags: Neiman Marcus
Photo Credits: Scot and Kristi Redman
Assistant: Sierra Maynes

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Prada New Galleria Bag

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We’ve always loved Prada bags, especially the saffiano totes. They are must haves and can’t-live-without accessories once you’ve one locked in your wardrobe. Not long ago, Prada has launched a new range of bags called ‘Galleria’ with lot of promises. And it was indeed HOT as it became one of the most coveted, versatile and elegant bags that every fashionista could dreamed of. When Prada decided to release more colors, it became even more interesting. Our favorites were black, navy and white, including leathers like crocodile and ostrich for those who love to take it to the next level of luxury.

It might look like that the Galleria story has come to an end, I mean, we have the colors and leathers, what can Prada do more? You might have never expected this, but they have recently released a newer version refined with a front pocket. It’s more functional but also serves as a decorative purpose. Available in one step or two tones colored leather saffiano, the new front pocket crafted is embellished with a beautiful luxurious locker. So what do you think of this new bag? Welcome from Canada Goose shop to purchase.

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Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection

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The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano.

Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler in the summer than carrying a graffiti-painted, self-made charms (the ones you put together when you get bored in the classroom) bag on your back and combined with street style fashion? I was skeptical at first until I spotted a few bloggers styling it, and they looked darn good.



Naturally, three of the four new Louis Vuitton backpacks need to be printed with the iconic monogram canvas. The design is strenghtend with two buckles non the front. It features two side pockets and a handle on the top. Are you read to climb the mountain?


Another one that Louis Vuitton is going to be released, is much more streamlined. Monogram Canvas is prohibited and it features a simple bucket closure on the front. It doesn’t even have side pockets. If you belief as much as I do, that simplicity is ultimate sophistication, then here you go.

Btw, the last Louis Vuitton backpack is also perfect for work. It’s easy and effortless.

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