Chanel Boy Patent Bag with Plexiglass CC Boy Clasp

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Okay, try to get this – the evolution of the Boy Bags.

The story began with the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bags, timeless handbags that everyone loves. Then Chanel started to experiment, hmm, let’s introduce the Lego Clutches, you remember?

The Lego Clutches, also known as the Chanel Boy Brick Clutch Bags, and they came with interwoven chain links (sometimes with a simple leather strap), but they looked like toys – cute and gorgeous.

Then they moved on and remodeled the Boy Quilted Flap Bags, and finally they came with ‘Metallic Patent’ for the Spring 2014 Collection. The Boy in Metallic Patents were available in unbelievable-lot-of-colors. In red, in, silver, green, pink, fuchsia, blue and they were all shining (almost eye-blinding).

Now, let’s melt them together – the Chanel Boy Brick Clutch Bag and the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bags in Metallic Patents.

Presenting for the Cruise 2015 Collection, the Chanel Boy Patent Flap Bags with Patented CC Boy Logo.

How luxurious can you get?

These Boy Quilted Flap Bags are going to be available in a lot of colors, but we want to give you a preview right now. We want to show you the bag from the front to the right, so you can judge whether you are going to like it or whether you are going to love it.

More information will be shared later on.


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FENDI Black Patent Pumps With Diamond Heels

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Louboutin once said: ‘Stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don’t have’. And he also stated that the right shoes can transform your body language and attitude. How much confident can you instill when wearing Fendi’s latest ‘Diamond Heeled’ Pumps?


Fendi is one of the few brands that can put together a shoe with design modern and way beyond its time. While Christian Louboutin paints their sole in red to let people know that it is his creation, Fendi’s secret is to classify their design in adding sculptural and sharp heels on the back of the shoe. And with shapes like a diamond, purified and edgy.

This shoe is from the latest collection, with low-cut vamp visually lengthens legs, pointed toe and in black patent to make a statement. It’s ideal for the special occasions as well as times when leaving an impression is vital. 

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