Street Snaps: Boy Chanel Reverso Flap Bag

Street-Snaps-Chanel-Boy-Reverso-Small-Flap-Bag-in-Braided Sheepskin-2

Shopping is more than an art – is not only seeing, but it’s fitting, feeling and if you’re satisfied with everything; it’s loving. A picture is merely a snapshot and snapshots can be resized, beautified and photoshopped. I rather want to see clothes and accessories worn by a human body and perhaps then I can judge better whether it’s for me or not for me.

Please meet the Boy Chanel By Night Flap Bag from the Pre-Spring Summer 2014 Collection, but it has also been invited by Karl Lagerfeld to the Spring Summer 2014 party. The size you are looking at is small; the edges are painted black and the center is printed in silver/black. The big masculine chain looks probably better on our shoulder and I’d love to give the CC logo a kiss.

Let’s share details:
Boy Chanel By Night Small Flap Bag in Black
Style code: A90248
Size: 4.7″ x 7.9″ x 2.8″

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