Hermes Clou De Selle Pouch

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I’ve a unhealthy obsession for simple bags – make it shoulders, totes or clutches, if it’s within my grasp, I will lock it up in my 5-star hotel-closet. And once upon a time, I was attracted to Hermes Clou de Selle pouch, maybe destiny? Or is it the dazzling sky blue color that makes me fantasize how enriching my life would be if we went for a date at the beach. You can also use it as a traveler bag as it comes with a handy shoulder strap.

The dotted signature ‘Hermes Paris’ on the center of this bag is an easy but a powerful message. Is there a hidden power in an authentic Hermes bag, I guess it has and like all fashionista say: ‘it’s in the details folks’. Compare it with a less expensive brand, you can’t find evidence through the images, but when you start to touch and love, it will reveal its true colors. Hermes impeccable craftsmanship, not only the brand, that’s what we’re after – it’s an unexplainable feeling.

This bag is no longer available online, so go ahead and visit your local Hermes boutique, earn some credits from the Shopping Assistance and perhaps she will flash you a Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bag

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