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A fresh and unique shoulder bag from Balenciaga, this one definitely caught our attention thanks to its boxy silhouette that it is inspired by a plumber’s tool box. And oh, the name was already a giveaway. Introducing the Balenciaga Tool Shoulder Bag.

Sporting a grainy calf leather and parading its boxy silhouette as if telling the world that it’s that one Balenciaga bag worth waiting for, this bag is all the more modern and stylish thanks to its detachable chain strap that further bolsters its tough, industrial vibe.

Knowing the needs of a cosmopolitan woman, this bag has a top handle making it a perfect shoulder fixture. On the other hand, you can carry it cross body thanks to its chain shoulder strap. It also features a push-lock fastening thus making it easier to access your belongings.

Measuring 7” x 11” x 6” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $2180 USD, €1955 euro, $3775 AUD, $19600 HKD, £296000 JPY via MyTheresa.





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Gucci shoulder bags replica serpentine “horsebit” handbag in early spring approaching, colorful gucci  pring and summer series horsebit shoulder bag for dress with providing more choices. Visual effects bring fresh sweet glossy patent leather models, texture animal pattern is even more modern avant-garde, but no matter what kind of overall seem to be very wild. Replica gucci shoulder bag for the entire season, set a tone full of casual sense of charm. Adding eye-catching design, fringed shoulder, with any dress can give the movement, but also reflects modern gucci women full of vitality. Gucci shoulder compelling new package for the entire season, set a tone full of casual sense of charm. Adding eye-catching design, fringed shoulder, with any dress can give the movement, but also reflects modern gucci women full of vitality. gucci new fringed shoulder bag with black, brilliant red berries and vibrant red and other colors, as well as leather, suede and rare leather production. Whether day or night, is a perfect match to attend any occasion.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

In addition to the production of printed calf leather, and soft, luxurious materials such as laminated python suede appearance with a silky luster, after dark style modern processing bamboo decorative paint, front also decorated with embossed trademark dry stone , all reflect the exquisite design. Bags open and close fastener at the top of the characteristics of a large bamboo decorative stitching need craftsman takes more than thirty hours of production and splice member, exquisite handmade professional production technology gucci handbags also has been perfect. The late forties a buckle closure shoulder bag this very modern sense of design inspiration is derived from fringed shoulder bag gucci Archives, presents an excellent creative director Frida Jana Ni the classic from the past with the latest and most modern design and technology combined with exceptional talent. Replica Gucci bags totes creative canvas painted in the petrochemical material coating, then the pressure on the double G LOGO embossed letters. This design was so unexpected Gucci bags from the traditional heavy suitcase clumsy, apart from more water resistant and lightweight. At that time, the aircraft engine has gradually replaced the traditional cruise train travel, wear lightweight travel bags to better meet people’s needs. For a time, printed double G letters and all kinds of eye-catching red and green canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet and other Gucci products became the most In a single product. Medium Shoulder clamshell package python skin is golden golden material, filling the luxury and gorgeous. Light golden double G buckle, fashion chain shoulder strap, internal vintage Gucci trademark and other details of the design of this luxurious common casting fascinating medium shoulder bag.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

Ms. Replica Gucci shoulder bag style interpretation of the avant-garde trend. United States Ms. Gucci shoulder bag simple and elegant black bag body, decorated with gold metal double G, making the overall filled with sheer luxury nobility. Feel fine soft leather top carefully crafted, can bring you an unprecedented new experience. Gold chain strap locks son, full of stylish modern flavor, with gold double G Brilliance, the perfect interpretation of the avant-garde style trend. Ms. Gucci shoulder bag is made of leather made, peripherals gold metal double G, golden locks sub-chain shoulder strap, flip buckle closure, rice gray suede leather lining, equipped with a small pocket, high-end, luxury, sexy. Colorful Gucci 2013 spring and summer series of dress with buckle shoulder bag offers more choices. Bring glossy patent leather models sweet fresh visuals, with contrast, the use of a variety of animal pattern texture is more suitable for modern avant-garde urban women. In addition, holding a slightly smaller models also meet with the needs of the dinner event. Colorful Gucci 2013 spring and summer series of dress with buckle shoulder bag offers more choices. Bring glossy patent leather models sweet fresh visuals, with contrast, the use of a variety of animal pattern texture is more suitable for modern avant-garde urban women. In addition, holding a slightly smaller models also meet with the needs of the dinner event.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

Many people like to be able to introduce or to buy some multi-use bags, we, after all, is not a big rich house, buy a luxury or something to take into account practical. Since there is no occasion for a package of capital, then what can a pack of multi-use bag, the bag can accommodate multiple occasions, what is the need for a lot of place to do homework. Gucci Angelica Metallic Crossbody be able to fit more than one occasion I felt bag. It is gold small shoulder bag, looks quite eye-catching + steal the spotlight, so Party or dinner places like the course is suitable. Gold and various mini dress or jewelry is also very good with, what is the problem with the does not exist. And Gucci Angelica Metallic Crossbody itself as a small portable Crossbody bag, in fact, I think that back out to play on weekdays weekend also will not be too Over, summer clothes fresh long enough, never too golden bag, overall Do not pile too good.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

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This Gucci XI Mini Shoulder Bag is everything we’ve dreamed and hoped for in a mini bag. Why? Take a look at it and it will only take a few seconds to know why.

The hibiscus red leather is one reason but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The embossed Gucci logo spelled across the front of the bag is nothing short of brand perfection. It screams expensive Gucci leather goodness all the way!

The removable chain strap is also a plus since you can carry it over your shoulder or carry it with your bare hands as an evening clutch. Multifunctional as a two-in-one, every dime spent on this bag is worth the splurge.

It also has six card slots, one flat pocket, zip pocket with gusset, side pocket and an external flat pocket for your iPhone. So much storage for a mini bag, isn’t it?

The Gucci XI Mini Shoulder Bag measures 8′ x 5′ x 1.5′ (W x H x D) inches and is priced $1400 USD or €980 euro.




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At BRAGMYBAG we love to talk about the latest handbags. You know what? Let’s talk about the latest handbag.

Have you been itching for a brand-new Chanel Mini Quilted Shoulder Bag? But can’t find the one you love? Or maybe the Wallet On Chain Bags are too small and the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bags are… uhh, too mini?

You need a bag that’s practical and it needs to be made from Chanel. You need a small travel bag?

Well then, we have some good news – meet the Chanel Mini Quilted Shoulder Bag.

These bags you purchase once, then it’s forever. We honestly think that this Mini Bag is ideal for travelling. Imagine an extra bag to store your passports, credit cards and other important documents. Because this bag is on your shoulder all the time, the chances of losing your stuff are minimized.

And unlike the Wallet on Chain Bag or the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, this Mini Bag is embellished with strong leather strap and also a boyish large chain. So pulling this bag from your shoulder is not a clever move.

The front is made with an extra zip pocket; it’s designed for your instant essentials.

This bag is practical and beautiful, what do you think?

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New Marc Jacobs All In One Quilted Shoulder Bag

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Now read carefully about what we’re going to share, it’s as important as eating your breakfast before work. And after you read it, it’s like finding a $100 dollar bill or discovering an-only-today 75% off on-everything at your favorite shopping mall.

You know how much ‘we’ (yes, you and I) love quilted handbags. At our PS Quilted Mini PS11 handbag, we explained that there is magic in ‘quilted’, it just looks so luxurious, feminine and worth our investment. Though the PS11 was not entirely quilted, to be honest only its front flap, but we have found a handbag that is. It’s the Marc Jacobs All In One Quilted Shoulder Bag, but there is more…

First, it’s in black. Black and quilted are the perfect partners to spurt words out like classic and timeless. It got diamond patterns from the front to the back. Then it’s refined with golden hardware, what glamorous! But the gold is not like exaggerated glittering, but it got a touch of vintage, as well as the bag. It looks a bit like used, but that’s the style right?

Here’s why it’s called the ‘All In One’ Bag, listen carefully. It got:

– Two internal compartments
– Zippered center pocket
– Slot pocket
– 8 credit card slots on the front and even on the back wall

It’s an everyday handbag that’s made with structured interior and a lot of space.

Crafted from goat leather, a material that’s smooth and durable. The shoulder strap is detachable, measuring 7.25’ x 9’ x 1.25’ (H x W x D).


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Do you believe in love at first sight, being head over heels someone/something and finally getting serious? Well, the Chanel Reissue 2.55 Charms Shoulder Bag is definitely and without a fail a match made in heaven for the rebel chic in you. The mere fact that this is a Chanel quilted bag is already a win win situation not to mention that it has added embellishments such as card symbols, domino, spade, diamond and club designs make it even more adorable in our eyes.

All things combined, this is a perfect love affair for those who are looking for an added flair and oomph. This one-of-a-kind bag is made up of pure black calf leather with quilted effect, has an internal slip pocket, a back slip pocket, a sliver-tone chain shoulder strap for added functionality, an internal flap closure with an internal snap button fastening, it sure is the perfect gift for yourself.

Spoil yourself with nothing but the good things in life for you deserve only the best so never play safe when it comes to your handbags! Be the vintage rock chic you always are with this fashion statement and trust us, you will never ever go wrong.

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