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Just in case you didn’t know this – the Dior Panarea Tote Bag is also available in ‘small’ size. This is the new Panarea Bag, we’ve discussed this issue many times. Some fashion ladies still love the previous version and others do prefer the newest version.

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The main difference is the canage stitching – the older version is more alive, the newest is a bit flat but much more modernized. And instead of silver DIOR charm, they have changed into match the color of the bag.

The big change has to do with the functionality – the new Panarea Tote Bag is much more lighter in weight and like I said earlier…more modern. It’s made with Canvas and the latest ‘Small’ size gives you even more choices.

You will love the Small Panarea if you’re a shorty or because you want an extra bag whenever you don’t ‘NEED’ or feel like to carry large bags. I love this tote because it’s a compact bag that can store a lot of essentials.

Also there is an internal zip pocket inside.

Dior Small Panarea Tote Bag
Size: 31 x 25 x 15 cm
Price: €850 euro, £800 GBP




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Chanel Small Clutch in Velvet with Long Chain


Velvet must be so ‘in’ right now. First the price is lower, but the colors are sharper. We have talked about this material on our previous blog post, have you read it?

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But anyways, the Chanel Small Clutch Bag is kind-of like the Chanel Extra Mini Flap Bag, but then a bit different. Wear it during the weekends, when you’re going out and about, having fun and drinking cocktails, because it’s a true statement maker.

The blend of velvet and blue is popping the color out of its body, it’s notable even from far away. And the silver CC logo signature on the front closure is standing out, together with the interwoven long chain links.

Close it with a zipper, your essentials are secured, so do not need to worry that anything will fall off.

A super cute small bag – if the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet is not worth the investment (because you cannot use it as an everyday), then this one sure is. Lock it in your wardrobe, and only take it out on the special days.

Chanel Small Clutch Bag in Velvet with Long Chain. 
Style code: A69203
Size: 2.8’ x 6’ x 2.3’
Price: Unknown


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