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Sophia Webster knows the way to our hearts by making irresistibly gorgeous bags and these Mini Claudie Pom Pom Bags are no exception! Oh, if we could just own all these bags we’ll surely be floating in bag heaven any time soon.

There are 7 Sophia Webster Claudie Pom Pom Bags that you can choose from but this one in Orchid bouquet leather finished with gold chain and flamingo fastening made our hearts skip a beat. It’s more like love at first sight and why not? It’s too lovely not to notice.

A flirty bag that will definitely add that punch of panache to your everyday casual ensemble, what more can you ask for? Seriously? With its lovely feminine orchid color, this one will surely brighten your outfit.

We love the two flamingos in the middle and the golden chain shoulder straps that make it all the more captivating in our eyes! Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder because this bag sure knows how to handle itself confidently.

Measuring 17 x 15 x 9 cm (W x H x D) and is priced £395 GBP to £525 GBP via Sophia Webster online store.











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Celebrate spring with Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola

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As you might have noticed, Megs and I are absolutely spring-obsessed lately. Not only did the season just officially begin yesterday, but the weather in New York has been so sunny and perfect, so archetypically spring-like, that it’s hard to think about anything else when the windows are open and a gentle breeze is teasing us every few minutes. To be inside working is positively unfair on days like the ones that we’ve been having, but such is life, I guess. We all have to make rent.

Right now, though, I’m considering skipping April’s payment, getting myself evicted and living in Central Park for the next two months. Naturally, I’d put that rent check toward the Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag PM in this amazing shade of turquoise. Who needs a roof over your head when you’ve got perfect weather and a perfect bag? I’m probably going to need my apartment back come June, though. Air conditioning is important to me.

I’ve always loved the Sofia Coppola bags because of their excellent leather and subtle design, but I had previously thought of them as more of an option for fall. (Or an option for people who carry black bags no matter the season. A lot of you live in New York.) I had completely overlooked this amazing color, right along with the gorgeous coral below. Either of these options is obviously perfect for spring and summer, and the convenient shoulder strap gives a note of casualness to a shape that can otherwise look a bit businesslike. I bet I’m not the only person doing handbag math right now.

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