Can’t Top These Tag Heuer Monaco Replica Watches

I’ve always had a secret love for big, sexy, Swiss watches. They just ooze prestige and sex appeal. I’m so excited that now I have a job where I get to write about them along with replica handbags, jewelry, and shoes! Club Couture is totally a dream job!

Replica Tag Heuer Watch

So, today I’m looking at the Tag Heuer Monaco 24 Calibre 36 Limited Edition watch and, true to form, we have both the original and the PV replica on hand. This replica Tag Heuer watch is basically a supped-up sport watch with gorgeous orange and teal details. It’s a whole lot of fun without compromising prestige or luxury. If I met a man with this replica Tag Heuer watch on, I’d probably melt before I saw his face or heard a word from him!

Replica Tag Heuer Watch

In terms of execution, PV has done a typically incredible job here. The only disparity I can see between the original and PVs stunning replica Tag Heuer watch is a small splash of color that PV has added to the crown. There’s a red stripe on the PV crown which, although I adore it, isn’t found on the original. That said, I doubt you’ll find replica watches this well made anywhere else. Check it out here!

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