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The LV Trevi PM is in my opinion one of the best city bags ever. It is perfect for going shopping, for wearing it at the office or for even showing it off at parties or when going out on the town. It is very versatile and chic. It has a distinctive design, a high functionality due to its rounded handles and extra-long belt, and, by all means, it is a very practical and fashionable purse. This is one of the bags that I desire most and the reason why I made my first purchase on a replica website.

LV Replica Trevi


Tired of seeing all my friends wearing designer bags that I couldn’t afford, I decided to try something that was suitable for my budget: buying a replica of my beloved LV Trevi PM. Indeed, I made the right choice because the bag I have received is gorgeous. At first I simply could not believe that this is a replica. The LV imitation purse was made from very good quality leather. This leather felt and looked very good and authentic. You just cannot tell the difference between the real bag and this replica.

fake trevi handbag

Replica Louis Vuitton Trevi


At the exterior this beautiful replica has the classic Damier Azur coated canvas and features a pleated center for a more spacious interior. The leather trimmings, the rounded leather handles and the adjustable/detachable shoulder strap are all manufactured from superior quality materials and look incredibly authentic.  At the interior the purse has a raspberry Alcantara lining which is heat embossed with the classic “Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France” authenticity marking and it also has the series code tag. Also, at the inside of the bag there is a flat zipper pocket, an open flat pocket and a cell phone pocket.

 The hardware is crafted from very good quality metals and each piece is stamped with the Louis Vuitton name offering authenticity to this very beautiful bag. The polished brass trimmings and the zipper closure are no exception. These bear the brand’s logos and markings.  I was also surprised to see that this replica Louis Vuitton bag was delivered with all the booklets and cards. When I unpacked it I discovered the LV receipt, the Louis Vuitton care booklet, the LV authenticity card, the LV tag and the famous LV dust bag.

LV replica trevi side

Knockoff LV Trevi Bag


I am very happy that I finally decided to try a replica of my favorite designer handbag, Trevi PM. This finally made it possible for me to wear a gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag that looks and feels authentic from every possible angle. My replica is of high quality, is made from materials identical to the real ones and its markings are indistinguishable from the authentic ones.


Fake Trevi PM



imitation trevi handbag

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Replica Handbag Review: Louis Vuitton Trevi PM

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I first saw the Louis Vuitton Trevi PM online on the original web site, I loved it, then I saw it in a LV store and I definitely adored it but you should know this is a really expensive bag and most of us don’t afford it. After about a month I fell in love with this amazingly beautiful bag one colleague of mine accessorized with this piece of art and came to the office. First time she hesitated but then she gave me the web site where she bought her beautiful bag. In the evening I placed the order too and in about two weeks I got it at my place all for myself.

I find the LV Trevi amazing I can wear it anywhere, in the office, when I am going out or even to a party. It has a unique design and it is highly functional due to its rounded handles and extra-long belt, it is practical and fashionable.

I started to buy replica bags online when I saw all my friends getting new designer bags every month. This I can afford and I don’t regret for one second the choice that I made when I bought my belovedLouis Vuitton Trevi PM. This gad in gorgeous, I cannot believe this is a replica. The quality of the leather of this bag is amazing. It looks so authentic you simply can’t tell this is a replica.

lv trevi 2

For the exterior the replica manufacturer used the classic Damier Azur coated canvas. For the leather trimmings, the rounded leather handles and the adjustable/detachable shoulder strap they used superior quality materials this way it looks incredibly authentic. The interior of my Trevi PM replica looks exactly like the original bag, it has the raspberry Alcantara lining and the classic “Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France” authenticity marking embossed on it. Also inside this bag there are tree very useful pockets, one with a zipper, one open flat pocket and one for the cell phone.

The hardware is very beautiful too the metals used have a very good quality and each piece of metal is stamped with the Louis Vuitton name that makes it look very real. The polished brass trimmings and the zipper closure are perfectly replicated. The stitches are even, there are no spaces between them. This superb Louis Vuitton Trevi PM replica came with all the authenticity booklets and cards. This bag is the perfect replica. It even came with LV receipt, care booklet, authenticity card, the LV tag and the famous LV dust bag.

If I ever hesitated to buy a replica bag online I will not do this again. The replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM that I received is very beautiful, the materials have a high quality and they are identical to the real ones. I will definitely go online and get another designer bag for myself but I have not decided yet what is the next purse I want, maybe because I am still in love with my Trevi PM.

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