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As you might already know, the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Concept will be ‘the Metier d’art Paris Dallas’. A part of the idea is to celebrate ‘the return of Coco Chanel back to Dallas’, as Coco once stated: ‘I admire and love America, it’s where I made my fortune’.

And now 56 years later, Chanel is back to Dallas, blending the culture of Paris and Dallas together; a wild mix of elegant, toughness, a bit of gun slinging wild wild west with ball breakin’ attitude.

Moving away from the quilted chic’ness, the feminine cliché fashion that we are used to from Chanel. We are witnessing ‘blue paint and brown rust on canned clutches, with Chanel CC signature on the front and interwoven chain link’. The famous Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag is re-made and refined with artful silver plate on the edges.

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag went back to the drawing table and now decorated with stars, flowers, CC logo and a sheriff star. And you already guessed it, Chanel cowboy inspired bags with horse shoe.

If you want to see more bags, we’ve already dropped three articles previously about the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection:
– Chanel Paris Dallas Metiers d’Art 2013 Bags
– Chanel Paris Dallas Metiers d’Art 2013 Bags Part 2

And now we need to know your thoughts, what do you think?



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You Can Already Shop Moschino’s Spring Barbie-Themed Bags

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The Best Black Friday Deals With Black Hermes Replica Bags

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Enjoy The Best Black Friday Deals With Black Hermes Replica Bags!

If you need some inspiration for Black Friday handbags, here is some coming right from Posh Spice. She is a fashion icon since forever and she sure knows how to choose and match her handbags. And we know this: she loves fashion and Hermes Birkin bags.

If you’re not Victoria Beckham, but still love the Birkin bag, this is what you should get as Black Friday handbags. And you can decide what kind of Hermes Birkin replica handbag to buy checking the models Victoria owns.

The winter season is close and an all-white outfit will look great during it. Victoria knows this and she chose to match it with a Brown Birkin bag

Hermes Stirrup

So, if you are in need of some shopping ideas for Black Friday handbags, Birkin replica bags are the perfect choice.
Victoria Beckham is the perfect inspiration when it comes to fashion. Not only she is one of the most stylish celebrities, but she is also a renowned fashion designer. For a few years now, she has started creating her own collections. And she loves to match her creations with a Hermes Birkin.
She has been photographed hundreds of times sporting one and she makes each and every model look anything but ordinary. Victoria manages to reinvent herself and the Birkin bag every time. And she also pays a tribute to the muse, Jane Birkin herself, by getting inspiration from her famous style.
 She always makes the most stylish choices. Even when you think a combination won’t work, she makes it work with so much ease.  
Becks also has a passion for leather and fur. And when she combines them, the result is amazing. Especially if she adds a black leather bag to the outfit. A black Birkin replica handbag is a great choice for you to buy as one of the Black Friday handbags. It looks great with almost anything.
Another outfit where Becks beautifully mixed fur with a Birkin bag. A croco Birkin replica bag should definitely be one of your Black Friday handbags. It’s a timeless accessory, elegant and classy and should be a piece of any Hermes replica bags collection.
Some of the best Black Friday deals are just around the corner. That means it’s time for us to get some new gorgeous replica Hermes bags. And what other color to choose other than black, perfectly matching this day for awesome deals?

I was telling you in a previous post that I am in love with black bags. I love colors as well, but I have a special relationship with black and black bags in particular. I can go on and on about what a good choice they are in anyone’s wardrobe. And how could I not? They are so easy to wear and you can get so many look wearing a black replica bag. You can wear it with a little black dress and get an elegant-classy look or go for a rock outfit, combining a black bag with a leather jacket and studs. Either way, a black bag would be a great choice to enjoy some of the Black Friday deals. I am going to show you a few ways you can successfully combine a Hermes black bag to get very different outfits and looks. It’s time to use some of the best Black Friday deals!

Victoria Beckham Birkin Bag

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Gorgeous Hermes Knock off Bags

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Gorgeous Hermes Knock off Bags- See What The Celebrities Are Wearing

Hermes Constance, A Touch Of Sophistication

The Constance is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags and I must say I’m truly excited to see Chiara sporting it. The thing I love most about this picture is actually the great combination between a true fashion lover and, of course, a true fashion symbol. Yes, a Hermes bag will always represent the idea of fashion, luxury and wealth. But beside those things, there’s one more aspect that I’d like to highlight, and that would be the good taste one can have in matter of style.

Chiara Ferragni is not only a fashion blogger, but she herself represents an icon when it comes to being stylish.
The thing I love most when talking about Hermes knockoff bags is the fact that they actually represent my favorite thing in life. And what’s there a better thing to do than writing about what you love most? Well, I must say this is probably one of those things I have in common with one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world, Chiara Ferragni. I spotted a picture of her today where she was sporting one of the most popular Hermes bags, the Constance.
 In 2011, the New York magazine named her as “One of the biggest breakout street-style stars of the year”. And trust me, it happened for a reason. She actually know her thing and she truly has an incredibly good-taste when it comes to fashion.
So basically, when we look at her, we notice beauty, style and simplicity. If you ask me, a Hermes Constance bag can actually make it even easier achieving such a look. Since it is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags, I consider it a true investment item. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a very good replica Hermes Constance, follow the link I shared above and tell me what you think!
It’s no news that celebrities love Hermes bag. When you’re not an A-lister and you cannot afford the real thing, you can still get yourself some gorgeous Hermes knock off bags.
They are the perfect solutions when your budget isn’t limitless. No one should deny themselves having such an amazing item in their closet like the Hermes knock off bags.

What’s important to remember is that replica handbags can be as good as the real thing. Manufacturers have studies the originals for a long time and were able to identify all the details. Also, the materials used are many times the same. So, in the end, there are small to no differences between Hermes knock off bags and the original ones. There are few people that could tell the difference between the fake designer bag and the authentic product.

Miroslava Duma Hermes Constance Handbag

The Hermes bags are some of the most copied accessories. This happens because everyone loves this brand and the status that comes with it. The Hermes bags are considerably expensive items and only a bunch of people afford to buy them. Most of them are the celebrities. They are wealthy and invest big amounts of money in fashion. And we’re not talking only about women here. The Hermes bags are enjoyed as much by stylish men who wouldn’t say no to such a statement accessory.
Since we’re talking about fashionistas that love Hermes and all the high-end designer, we couldn’t have left out Miroslava Duma. This Russian fashion lover has a great style and she often uses the Hermes bags to complete her looks. We can see her here wearing a brown midi skirt and nude top that she matched with a lovely Constance handbag in the same brown shade. Once again, you could easily find inspiration in her outfits and get yourself Constance bag to add to your Hermes knock off bags collection.

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Gucci shoulder bags replica serpentine “horsebit” handbag in early spring approaching, colorful gucci  pring and summer series horsebit shoulder bag for dress with providing more choices. Visual effects bring fresh sweet glossy patent leather models, texture animal pattern is even more modern avant-garde, but no matter what kind of overall seem to be very wild. Replica gucci shoulder bag for the entire season, set a tone full of casual sense of charm. Adding eye-catching design, fringed shoulder, with any dress can give the movement, but also reflects modern gucci women full of vitality. Gucci shoulder compelling new package for the entire season, set a tone full of casual sense of charm. Adding eye-catching design, fringed shoulder, with any dress can give the movement, but also reflects modern gucci women full of vitality. gucci new fringed shoulder bag with black, brilliant red berries and vibrant red and other colors, as well as leather, suede and rare leather production. Whether day or night, is a perfect match to attend any occasion.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

In addition to the production of printed calf leather, and soft, luxurious materials such as laminated python suede appearance with a silky luster, after dark style modern processing bamboo decorative paint, front also decorated with embossed trademark dry stone , all reflect the exquisite design. Bags open and close fastener at the top of the characteristics of a large bamboo decorative stitching need craftsman takes more than thirty hours of production and splice member, exquisite handmade professional production technology gucci handbags also has been perfect. The late forties a buckle closure shoulder bag this very modern sense of design inspiration is derived from fringed shoulder bag gucci Archives, presents an excellent creative director Frida Jana Ni the classic from the past with the latest and most modern design and technology combined with exceptional talent. Replica Gucci bags totes creative canvas painted in the petrochemical material coating, then the pressure on the double G LOGO embossed letters. This design was so unexpected Gucci bags from the traditional heavy suitcase clumsy, apart from more water resistant and lightweight. At that time, the aircraft engine has gradually replaced the traditional cruise train travel, wear lightweight travel bags to better meet people’s needs. For a time, printed double G letters and all kinds of eye-catching red and green canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet and other Gucci products became the most In a single product. Medium Shoulder clamshell package python skin is golden golden material, filling the luxury and gorgeous. Light golden double G buckle, fashion chain shoulder strap, internal vintage Gucci trademark and other details of the design of this luxurious common casting fascinating medium shoulder bag.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

Ms. Replica Gucci shoulder bag style interpretation of the avant-garde trend. United States Ms. Gucci shoulder bag simple and elegant black bag body, decorated with gold metal double G, making the overall filled with sheer luxury nobility. Feel fine soft leather top carefully crafted, can bring you an unprecedented new experience. Gold chain strap locks son, full of stylish modern flavor, with gold double G Brilliance, the perfect interpretation of the avant-garde style trend. Ms. Gucci shoulder bag is made of leather made, peripherals gold metal double G, golden locks sub-chain shoulder strap, flip buckle closure, rice gray suede leather lining, equipped with a small pocket, high-end, luxury, sexy. Colorful Gucci 2013 spring and summer series of dress with buckle shoulder bag offers more choices. Bring glossy patent leather models sweet fresh visuals, with contrast, the use of a variety of animal pattern texture is more suitable for modern avant-garde urban women. In addition, holding a slightly smaller models also meet with the needs of the dinner event. Colorful Gucci 2013 spring and summer series of dress with buckle shoulder bag offers more choices. Bring glossy patent leather models sweet fresh visuals, with contrast, the use of a variety of animal pattern texture is more suitable for modern avant-garde urban women. In addition, holding a slightly smaller models also meet with the needs of the dinner event.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

Many people like to be able to introduce or to buy some multi-use bags, we, after all, is not a big rich house, buy a luxury or something to take into account practical. Since there is no occasion for a package of capital, then what can a pack of multi-use bag, the bag can accommodate multiple occasions, what is the need for a lot of place to do homework. Gucci Angelica Metallic Crossbody be able to fit more than one occasion I felt bag. It is gold small shoulder bag, looks quite eye-catching + steal the spotlight, so Party or dinner places like the course is suitable. Gold and various mini dress or jewelry is also very good with, what is the problem with the does not exist. And Gucci Angelica Metallic Crossbody itself as a small portable Crossbody bag, in fact, I think that back out to play on weekdays weekend also will not be too Over, summer clothes fresh long enough, never too golden bag, overall Do not pile too good.

Replica Gucci Shoulder Bags

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Top Bags Under $200: Save Yourself

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Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

It’s so easy to get caught up with all the high-end designer bags that continuously get released – too easy, actually. So easy it can get boring! There are moments when nothing feels more satisfying than nabbing a great bag that looks far pricier and prettier than its frugal price tag. Kelly just handpicked the trendiest clutches under $100. Now I’m showing you my favorite timeless scores under $200. Because making a super-savvy purchase is worth gloating about.

Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

1. Deux Lux Leyla Small Tote: Meet your new beach tote. When you’re hitting the seaside, faux leather is actually preferable, lest you get splashed, and this bag’s scalloped edges make it sweet and special. On Shopbop for $65.

Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

2. Ash Clover Mini Saddle Bag: This Chloé-inspired saddle bag is just rustic enough without taking you to the prairie, while the whipstitched details are spot-on. On Shopbop for $195.

Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

3. Designinverso Amalfi Crossbody Bag: Nothing like a big jolt of hot color on a baby-sized bag to perk up a look. This glistening hardware makes the price point look far higher than it is. On Luisa via Roma for $124.

Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

4. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Quilted Crossbody Bag: Hail Rebecca’s brilliant take on the Chanel cornerstone: A quilted crossbody that looks luxe, street-tough, and unique. At Neiman Marcus for $195.

Frugal Friday Top Bags Under $200

5. Clare V. Snake-Embossed Fold-Over Clutch Bag: Coming it at barely over $200, Clare V. continues to prove you don’t have to compromise quality for a pleasing price. Apparently you don’t have to sacrifice the look of exotic skin, either. At Neiman Marcus for $209.

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