Stop What You’re Doing and Get 40% Off Shoes at Neiman Marcus

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Jimmy Choo Mallow Calf Hair Crisscross Pump

We mean it, stop what you’re doing! You aren’t going to want to miss this shoe sale, happening right now at Neiman Marcus. Starting today through October 31st, the retailer is taking up to40% off a huge selection of designer shoes. A sale like this doesn’t happen often and it’s only on for a few days, so time is of the essence.

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Dior Fall Winter 2014 Street Chic Bags and Shoes

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Everything about Dior is ‘chic’, whether it’s a dress for the evening or an everyday jacket for the casual days. To clarify even further, have you seen the latest Dior Fusion Sneakers, yes they even make sneakers that look classy.

Dior’s latest Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign convinced us that its absolutely normal to combine a blazer with a dress, holding a Dior bag and still wearing a pair of pumps embellished with sneakers soles. It’s also the first campaign that features the first Lady Dior Totes with pockets.

But in this post we’re going to chat deeper about the world of Dior with sneakers. And of course, we will be sharing pictures of the latest Dior bags – they’re vivid street snaps with little special effect added, so you can feel personally how they will look like, if you ever decide to buy them.

We want to highlight the ‘Mini Python Lady Dior Tote in silver’, it’s absolutely to-die-for. Imagine you holding this gorgeous in your hands. But you see, just like the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag with Metal Edges, we warned you way ahead before its release Check out our previous post to see more images: ‘Lady Dior Mini Python Bag’.

Another super cute mini bag is the ‘Lady Dior Tote in Pink Alstroemeria Flower’. Though we’ve reviewed this bag extensively in our ‘Lady Dior Bags Flower Collection’, the street style images give us an entirely different view. It’s even prettier in person (much better than model images). This bag is inspired by Monsieur Dior’s garden, the white cosmos flowers.






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Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps

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So Kate Feature Image

Christian Louboutin shoes are unlike any other, and after eyeing and debating the purchase of a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, I made an impulse decision and bought them!

While walking around the Louboutin boutique in these vertiginous heels, I knew what I was getting myself into, but that didn’t stop me from making the purchase. As soon as I bought them, I was sending my friends pictures of my new shoes. My friends were envious, commenting that “the instep is WILD” and that it looked like I was “legit walking on my tippy toes.” I even wore these pumps around the office, and on two different occasions women stopped me to both compliment my shoes and ask the question probably on everyone’s minds when the think of the So Kate pumps: “How in the world are you walking in those heels?”

Well, I wore them out and I survived, and what follows is an in-depth review of the So Kate pumps and how they measure up.

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Is Saint Laurent Going to Make Glitter Happen?

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SAint Laurent Feature Image

Luxury brands are the start of a larger domino effect when you’re looking for emerging market trends. When new styles and fads emerge from luxury fashion, the biggest trends often ripple down to contemporary fashion, followed by the mass market. With that in mind, I felt a little worried after seeing some of the new fall shoes from Saint Laurent, available at Net-a-Porterand MATCHESFASHION. It leaves me wondering if Hedi Slimane may be giving glitter its fifteen minutes of shoe fame.

Anyone familiar with me knows I love all things that sparkle and shine, but this abundance of glitter cheapens the allure of the shoe. Last fall, Miu Miu placed crystals on the heels of their shoes, and swapping glitter for crystals made all the difference. If we see more glittery shoes emerging in the upcoming months, we know where to point our finger.

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Referring to your shoes that will are offered to the longest hour, Probably the idea ought to remain in the Chanel Espadrilles. The idea which consists of lighting, serviceable, affordable can be popular for women across the world. These are lighting, no matter whether to search as well as accomplish exercising, it’s going to be the most suitable selections. Should you be a new sporty one particular and still have an engaged life style then you certainly ought to try out for distinct various shoes. Chanel Espadrilles are certainly not merely comfy, nonetheless they in addition provide prospects for obtaining an exceptional fashion by simply deciding on via various these people. If you need to experience a match, it does not take company that one could take into consideration.

It does not take globe’s first company that will develop Chanel Espadrilles, on the other hand, it does not take most significant and quite a few renowned sneakers company presently. They have your most legend basic sneakers in numerous major string along with many variations. Your methods of Chanel Shoes are generally current quite speedily. Chanel Flats are generally brand-new sneakers variations presented divorce lawyers atlanta time, that make your hesitant demoralizing manner have an overabundance of selections. Additionally, they generally cross-border cooperates using a number of renowned stylists for you to kick off particular format. Considering that throughout 1917, if your basic most Chanel Flats became available, and then Their most legend basic sneakers turns into your pronoun involving world renowned canvas. Chanel Espadrilles contains the standing involving “Rolls-Royce” throughout canvas sneakers.

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A lot of women available would rather possess Chanel Espadrilles in stead of individuals high-heeled types. The reason is that they are able to run with one of these shoes very easily and with much less pressure to their own feet. Regrettably, you will find individuals who’re just basing their own common sense upon designs or even styles whenever determining which they’ll purchase. You will find much more considerations compared to bodily options that come with these types of Chanel Shoes. Like a issue associated with truth, if you would like to purchase the very best 1 for you personally, it’s also necessary to realize it’s various function.

Simply since they’re known as Chanel Flats, it doesn’t suggest that they need to appear boring. This is actually the primary worth proposal associated with Chanel Espadrilles and other flat shoes. Officially, this isn’t an plane shoes. Rather, it’s simply constructed with reduced pumps, besides the various ornamental perforations. Because of this , the reason why many individuals believe that this particular set of Chanel Espadrilles is simply ideal with regard to fall period. Over time, there’s also various types of these types of, that are possibly along with foot hats or even closures. For that previous design, you are able to possibly possess the wingtips, Ghillie, one fourth, lengthy side or even semi-brogues.

Each day, you can observe somebody putting on a set of Chanel Espadrilles. This particular design offers turn out to be truly well-liked lately. Nicely, the reason being apart from becoming perfect throughout summertime, also, they are wearable every single day. This is actually the reason there are numerous Chanel Flats which have this particular type of style too. They’re really fashionable along with individuals shoulder straps which will enhance nearly any type of gown that you simply tend to be putting on. Nevertheless, you ought to be fussy concerning the materials employed for this. It ought to be gentle as well as mild in order to put on, instead of rigid as well as difficult.

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